Thursday, March 22, 2012

Need a Rainbow to Brighten Your Day?

This was in my backyard Tuesday morning.

Gorgeous!  And I needed it because my day was just one battle after another.  Poor Ian has had insane constipation from his high calorie formula, and we have been dealing with lots of issues with that, like:  screaming baby while trying to pass a BM,
shoveling all kinds of prunes, plums, pears and other make-you-go foods down him,
killer diaper rash from going a tiny squirt at a time- all the time,
finally a 15 inch poop.  Yes, since your wondering, I measured it. 
(Since you're now questioning my sanity, I thought it might be necessary for the pediatrician to know exactly how much poop).  
The cat decided to throw up twice that morning.
Did I mention we are trying to sell our house?  Yeah, cat throw up and selling your house don't go well together. 
Luckily, God has already erased from my memory the other trials of that day, but He left me with one lasting photo of that glorious rainbow!

I certainly needed it to brighten my day.

And if you need a good laugh, search "yosemitebear mountain giant double rainbow" on  Another gorgeous rainbow and double rainbow guy makes me laugh every. time.


JellyBelly said...

That double rainbow guy is HILARIOUS!

Karen said...

Poor Ian! My oldest nephew had a ton of constipation issues when he was a baby. I felt so horrible for him. He even got impacted once (after hours of course) and the ER refused to help. I know my sister learned a lot of tricks. I'll ask her what worked for them if you want.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Poor Ian! Hope the doc can help him out. :(

I'll hafta tell my hubby about the 15 inch poo. He'll be super impressed. :P

Love the rainbow pic! Thanks for sharing!

Second Chances said...

Beautiful view!

Meredith said...

Gorgeous picture and capture of the Lord's beauty and reminder of His constant Faithfulness in our lives!!!