Tuesday, May 30, 2017

One Post a Month: May

Here it is, the end of May and I have caught back up with the blog.

The baby currently baking is 18 weeks now. I have my anatomy scan this Monday! I am feeling movement daily which is always a reassurance. We have foregone any preliminary testing on the baby this go round, partly to save money, partly because I changed OBs right during the critical testing times, and partly because I didn't want the stress of it. So the anatomy ultrasound will really be the key to finding out how this baby is doing. Prayers, please!

May brought the close of another homeschooling year and the close of Caroline's first year in preschool. It's nice to have the freedom of summer vacation.

We attended our first goat show of the year last weekend and we constantly come in behind an excellent herd of Lamanchas that have made quite a name for themselves. It is a great honor to place just behind them every time, but of course we are anxious to get some goats who can compete at just a slightly higher level. We are participating in linear appraisal this year which will basically give each goat in our herd a score so we can make decisions on herd improvements, breeding, etc.  So this is exciting!

Our garden is performing incredibly well this year thanks to more consistent weeding and the lovely goat manure compost that I was able to work into the soil.

In the evenings we have started having family bible reading/discussion and prayer time.  This is new for us to do as an entire family. We used to pray the rosary as a family and then fell out of that routine, and realized that if our kids don't see us in God's word and hear us praying more personally to Him aloud, how will they form their own personal relationship with Him?  So this is our start to showing them how to read, pray and live out the Bible as a family.

That's enough for tonight! Look soon for the June issue! 😉


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